Missus: here I am, send me!


Missionary Conference 2013. Bacolod.

When we say the words “here I am, send me” we always think of going to the ends of the earth to evangelize. To be used in any way to promote the Gospel. But sometimes we forget that that statement is an answer. Someone has asked us a question. Jesus has already approached us. He already chose us.

Even in our sinfulness. Even with our past. Even with all our chips and scratches. Just like Jesus himself. When he resurrected, he still had his wounds. Thomas could still feel the scars on his hands and side. God did not heal the wounds of the resurrected Jesus.

Just like us. What happened in our past does not need to be forgotten. But it can be FORGIVEN.

Make yourself available to the designs of the Father. He is approaching a battered, broken you. He is asking “who will I send”? And with the forgiveness of God, we can answer “here I am, send me.”


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