Fiat: let it be done unto me.


Call to be available to the designs of God.

Missionary Conference 2013. Bacolod. Our discussion group at Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

Mary’s “let it be done unto me” was an answer to the question of “will you be part of the people who will say YES to me?” In this time and age, people do not say YES fully. We always have our conditions and requirements. We sometimes say YES, but when the going gets rough, we change our mind.

But we need to say YES fully. With complete trust in God’s plan for us, His great mercy and His awesome and eternal love for us. He just wants the best for us. And wants to mold us into the people who will be the best for Him.

It is not easy. Definitely not easy. But no matter how hard life gets, it will NEVER crush us. We just need to be open and let God’s will be done to us.

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