Didaskaloi: come and see for yourself

Call to be intimate with God.
Missionary Conference 2013. Bacolod. Best friends at Our Lady of Compassion and St. John the Evangelist.
Accept Christ, and everything will follow. But we must accept Christ first. That is how we “see for ourselves”. We need to come to Jesus, accept him fully, and everything will be revealed. His wonderful plan for us.
Part of that is being the disciple that Jesus loves. From being the one who rested on his breast, so close to his heart, to being the one at the foot of the cross, so close to his sacrifice. We must be there for both, and take part in both.
For me, this taking part in both involves my family as well. And the prayer I lift up to God goes like this:
Grant me the grace and strength to continually pray “Your will be done” for me and my family.

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