These guys are INTENSE! We have a tradition: that each Missionary Conference we have at the start of the year, we have an Amazing Race. This year, we go to Bacolod, and the Amazing Race will take place there. But we did something different. We started it after the Community Conference. Why not start early?

So, they were supposed to find their clues on chairs in the gym. Then find their plane tickets. Which were in Silverworks bags being worn by SFL members walking around the gym. Then come to the starting line to get an advantage. Immunity from the first elimination.


Go! Here is where they started. 20 teams of 2. I have my own team favorites (I picked them before I wrote this, because at this time, the Race is done). Here they are:

1. Febulous: Jerald and Stephanie.

2. Crushers: Gem and Joanne.

3. David and Goliath: Sweet and Daryl.

4. HT: Jermer and Vanie.

5. Pata-Team: Cocoi and Raine.

I’ll write another entry about the results šŸ˜‰ Our prizes:


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