Faith Works Wonders!



Yesterday, we had our Community Conference. The opening salvo for the year. With the theme Faith Works Wonders!

I love going to these events because aside from the fact that our best friends are here, the best friends of our kids are here – we get to be filled and nourished with the experiences of others and ways to live by people old enough to teach us.

Pat led the worship, dad gave the talk. But the highlight of the year was a video that was shown. It was simple, yet so powerful, I had tears in my eyes. Just three people.

One SFL member who helped a MMDA street sweeper whose feet were rotting. He took a picture, posted it on Facebook, and it went viral. Simple things anyone can do. Instead of Amalying or Barneying. Use social media to help.

About a CFC FFL member, who doesn’t read nor write, yet is one of the most faithful and hardworking household servants. Sometimes, all it takes is faith. And the desire to help others.

And the last, a YFL member who went to the conference in Isabela. On the second day, he was told to come back to Manila. His mom had died. He offered it at the session in YFL. Posted the intention on the cross at the WYC. He got home, his mom was at the embalmer. But something happened. Before she could get embalmed, she suddenly started breathing! She was alive…. again!

Truly, faith. No matter how small. Faith works! We just need to believe. FAITH WORKS WONDERS. Because that is what it does. When we believe, great things… miracles…. HAPPEN!


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