Amazing Race Bacolod RESULTS

The Amazing Race Bacolod is done! It was INTENSE (I keep saying that, because it is true). These fulltimers are good. I underestimated them. Should make it harder next time.

They all checked in for the 4:55AM flight. One (Joji) even sleeping in the airport! One the plane, we collected their wallets (no money allowed! Only what will be given) and that was a good move because a lot of them brought extra money and coins for the race. And we gave them their first task.

They were to go to El Ideal Bakery and eat one slice of Guapple Pie. The plane arrived before 6AM, but the bakery opened at 6:20AM. I heard they were knocking on the door trying to get them to open earlier, but didn’t happen.

After that, they had to go around Silay City and take pictures of two old houses, and then find the first Elimination Pit Stop: Balay Negrense. The last two were to be eliminated. Chloe and Dona of TAG TEAM actually arrived last, but they had immunity from yesterday, so were saved! Eliminated were TEAM HORTONS (Dylan and Kate) and TEAM BANG (VL and Marie).



Next, they had to make their way (with very little money) to The Ruins in Talisay. They were to tell the story of The Ruins. About a testament to love of a wife. 🙂 Maan of TEAM TAGLISH actually arrived before TEAM HT, but she got into a tricycle “accident”. And that made TEAM HT overtake them and survive.

TEAM TAGLISH (Jonathan and Maan) and TAG TEAM (Dona and Chloe: no more immunity) got eliminated.



After The Ruins, they just had to take a picture at the only flyover in Bacolod with the theme Live to Play. Then make their way to Our Lady of Carmel and say how many Dioceses (3) and who their Bishops are (1 is vacant) before getting their next clue. All the teams eventually got stuck here – equalizer. And this shuffled the teams’ rankings.

The brothers’ teams were eliminated. TEAM HT (Jermer and Vanie) and TEAM FEBULOUS (Jerald and Stephanie). At least no sibling rivalry. Ha ha.



After that, they had to make their way to Robinson’s Bacolod and find our ROVING PIT STOP. He hid well. And this got two more teams eliminated: TEAM SOSY PROBI (Paul and Tinay) and TEAM WAGAS (Wally and Ina).


Right after, and with very little or no money left, they made their way to the Capitol Lagoon. Where they had to compete against one another in an EPIC RAP OFF with the theme NEVER THINK TWICE. Best pair moves on, losing pair waits for the next. Eliminated were TEAM CRUSHERS (Gem and Joanne) and TEAM F1 (Chris and Kaye).



With half the teams eliminated, they had to go to John Paul II tower, get nine other people to do a jump shot with them, and then run to the top of the tower for the next. Very physical! Eliminated were TEAM LIVE POOR MOVEMENT (EJ and MeAnne) and TEAM CURLY TOPS (Gam and Lee-An).



Then they made their way to Lacson Street and had to find 5 restaurants that you find only in Bacolod. Get something from the restaurant and show it at the next pit stop. TEAM ANGELUS (Julius and Angel) and our Fan Favorite (sayang) TEAM GUNDAM K (Kevin and Kuh) got eliminated.



Last two stops! 6 pairs left with a final 4. They had to go to the Garcia-Sanchez School of Dance to perform their own version of Oppa Gagnam Style: Opo Fulltime Style! It’s on video and will be posted soon. Last two were so last, that they didn’t perform anymore. Eliminated were TEAM BROWNIES (RJ and Khyme) and TEAM WATER SNAKES (Roxy and Iyam). Brownies even went to the final task before going to Opo Fulltime Style. What?!



Final 4! PATA TEAM, TEAM DAVID AND GOLIATH, TEAM LIFE and TEAM PULONG. PATA TEAM and TEAM DAVID AND GOLIATH were at the final task together, but D&G couldn’t answer the sheet. And here are the top 4:

4th PLACE – TEAM PULONG (Bonn and Joey)IMG_2865

3rd PLACE – TEAM DAVID AND GOLIATH (Daryl and Sweet)IMG_2859

2nd PLACE – TEAM LIFE (Joji and Joy)IMG_2853

WINNERS! PATA TEAM (Cocoi and Raine)IMG_2847

CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE! You surprised me and made us all proud. See you in 2014. Now, time for healing.




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