The Caterpillar

I haven’t been to a high school fair in DECADES. Well, today was the fair of my kid’s school. And even if she is still in pre-school, she had to go. So I went with her, and so did her sister.

The funny thing about her is that she doesn’t like scary rides. Or high slides. Or anything that gets in her head that could be scary. So when she went up the inflatable slide, she only slid once. And that was it. She didn’t want to go in the inflatable ball, but when she did she had fun. And she didn’t want to go on the Caterpillar after making me buy her a ticket. But I told her she had to, since the ticket was already paid for.

From “too fast” to “scary” to “fun”! That’s my daughter for you. She just needs a push, and some reassuring words that it will be ok. And if you go with her and guide her, then she’ll actually have a little fun.

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