3 Days and Coughing

It’s been three days into 2013, and I have been stuck at home. Sick.

It started after Christmas with a sore throat and a cough. Maybe because of the cold weather and rain in Tagaytay? Or because we hadn’t been there in a long time, and the house was “unlived” and dusty. The kids got sick as well. Fever, cough.

And come January 1, it became a full blown fever. I have been taking Robitussin, Biogesic, Lagundi, Calamansi juice, Zithromax. Anything to make me better.

Yesterday was the worst. I was in bed, shivering under piles of blankets. With the sun shining in my window. I didn’t feel hot at all (weather-wise), but I sure was burning up. But, through the work of prayers of my Facebook and Twitter friends, and through the prayers, concern and kisses of my kids, the fever broke late last night.

I woke up this morning still weak. With a lingering cough and runny nose. But no more fever. I just have to rest this off for one more day (even if that means missing my College barkada dinner tonight… yet again).

But with all this, there are blessings. I got three whole days with my kids. One of our yayas didn’t come back after 2012. And our new yaya won’t come in until tomorrow. So I spent three sick days with my kids watching me.

And what a bunch these three are.

Our son is a ball of energy. From the moment he wakes up all the way until he falls asleep. Running, jumping, climbing, grabbing, throwing. It must be because he is a boy. We didn’t have this much chaos with his sisters. He also has the temper of a two year old. He has to get what he wants, OR ELSE! Don’t let his cute smile fool you. Ha ha! He knows what’s up.


Our second daughter is as independent as ever. She knows what she wants and she goes and gets it even if she has to do it all by herself. She chooses her clothes. And knows exactly what dress to wear. If she doesn’t see it, she goes looking for it. We currently have an issue with her eating habits, as she doesn’t want to eat. She just likes cereal and milk. Well, we all go through that. I think I am still in the picky eater phase, actually.


Our eldest is still our most emotionally invested child. She loves looking after her siblings. And she reports everything that happens in the house. She loves her long curls, and won’t have anyone cut it. She loves ballet and arts. And she can use some encouragement with the regular track of studies. She likes making friends, and just loves her life 🙂 [except in the pic below where she is a bit under the weather].



Come to think of it, the first three days of January weren’t so bad after all. Spent it with my three gifts. Gifts money can’t buy. 🙂 Can’t wait for number 4 in 57 days.

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