Thank you 2012. Ready for a life-changing 2013.


2013, we are ready for you.

2012 was a good year. My work with FLiQ Media grew leaps and bounds. Our children got more opinionated and passionate in what they like and what they don’t like. And we got pregnant with our fourth child – a baby girl coming this March 2013. We moved back to the mountains, the wife switched jobs and our eldest started big school. Our second started Saturday school, and she is more excited for her school sessions – counting the days all week until Saturday. My sister got married. And we all went to Amsterdam on their honeymoon, and a pilgrimage to Israel.

2012 was also a challenging year. Financially, of course, having three kids has responsibilities and demands. It is a blessing that we are entering 2013 credit card debt-free. Now how to keep it that way, that’s the challenge.

2012 was a “step-up” year. My compatriots and I in fulltime work have stepped up in terms of service and assignments. More work, more things to do, more people who get to hear the Gospel. It’s amazing to think how we all started in YFL, went to SFL, then went separate ways after that. Yet still strong and loyal to the calling we first answered when we all decided to become missionaries. It was a year where we had to step up. And even had to do our own thing – just being our own check and balance. And it produced much fruit :-). 2013 will show more of that, and maybe even some huge changes.

2012 was a battle year. The whole RH Bill debacle brought out the warriors in us. And made us even more convicted about what we believe in, why we believe in it and how we are going to fight for what is right and true. The fight is far from over, in fact, it has just begun. Keep your filthy condoms and birth control pills away from my family.

And 2012 was definitely a “choose life” year. The theme of CFC FFL always fits. And always helps you get through the pitfalls of the year. This year my nephew Giovanni passed away, and even through the tears and questions, we all have to choose our lives, and move forward so others can have that chance to choose life as well. We love Giovani, and will always miss you.

Thank you for 2012. And again, 2013, we are ready for you.

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