The Brave 8. The Sen8!


Mom and I went to the Senate today to show support for our pro-life Senators. We got there early, and were able to hang out at Senator Tito Sotto’s office for a while with Bishop Jesse Mercado and Senator Kit Tatad. Tito Sen is mom’s cousin 🙂 We got to sit in the reserved section of the Senate gallery too. Which was cool. Though I tried hard not to sleep, yawn or look bored.

It was nice seeing majority of the gallery in red. With a spattering of purple here and there. The voice of the people is really pro-life, pro-family and pro-child. I have no idea why they keep listening to “experts” from the US and other countries. Just look at what is happening to them!

The give and take between the Senators regarding the RH Bill was fast. I believe they (and the House) are just agreeing to almost everything in order to just pass the bill. And then there will be fast ones pulled when the bicam comes along. When you check the bill President Noy signs, it will be the original one. Watch.

I honor those Senators for showing up even under intense pressure not to (like Lito Lapid…. sad. You had the chance to show you are a real action star). And for voting for what is right. The family. Life. The poor. They all do not need condoms and pills. They need jobs, schools, teachers, education, opportunity.

Thank you Manny Villar. Tita Cynthia has my vote.

Thank you Koko Pimentel. You have my vote. And I will campaign for you.

Thank you Jinggoy Estrada. JV has my vote.

Thank you Juan Ponce Enrile. I was starstruck when you walked in. Hopefully one day I can meet you in person.

Thank you Gringo Honasan. You have my vote.

Thank you Sonny Trillanes. You have my vote.

Thank you Bong Revilla.

Thank you Tito Sen. I truly admire your being so strong, brave and steadfast in the midst of all this. You are right. They attacked you – your person – but did not attack what you were saying. Because you are speaking the truth. And the truth cannot be overcome. Be strong. And we are with you, all the way.


We will be praying for you. And acting with you. The fight is far from over. But rest assured, you are not alone.


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