113 vs 104.

I stayed up until now (2:12AM) to see how the voting would turn out in the House of Representatives. They voted on the Reproductive Health Bill which has been rehashed and re-debated for so many years now in Congress. It is only now that they got to the point.

They have been ramming the bill down Congress (from the President) and even using tactics like Vive Voce (loudest shout wins). It was good that we finally get to see who is with us, and who is not. They were forced to pick a side. And now we are forced to fight for or against them.

The night had many heroes.

1. The Congressmen in my city – Antipolo. Congressmen Acop and Puno. Spoke from the heart, and from life experiences. Shows how hard work, perseverance and faith works wonders.

Come to think of it, a lot of people who voted with us spoke from their hearts and life experiences. They LIVED through perseverance and hard work. They EXPERIENCED how it was to struggle yet succeed. They KNOW we don’t need this bill that will destroy the family.

The family is the hope of our country. Why attack it?

2. Reps. Alvarez and Socrates of Palawan. I met Rep. Socrates and he has a heart of gold.

3. Manay Gina de Venecia. She really sees the value of life. She and my sister Vania are good support for each other.

4. Rep. Cutie del Mar. Articulate, and a great speech! Hope she blogs it.

And all the Congressmen from Cebu. What a blessed place. They have Cardinal Vidal, San Pedro Calungsod, and so many blessings that make them such a wonderful, Holy place. Here’s the speech of Rep. Pablo John Garcia. And here’s his Twitter.

5. Rep. Golez of Bacolod has the answer too. Work harder to make your District a better place. Work!

6. Rep. Lani Revilla. I love how she really stepped up and prepared for this.

7. Rep. Dong Gonzales was the one I loved the most. His love for his parents was intoxicating (and even if Pia Hontiveros tried to twist his words around, it didn’t faze him). He was the youngest of 12. And worked his way up. A great man.

8. Strange bedfellows. Reps. Mikey Arroyo and Imelda Marcos. Even Reps. Syjuco, Suarez, Romualdez. This brings out the best in people, what can I say?

9. Rep. Mitos Magsaysay. YOU MUST WIN FOR SENATOR. She is smart. She knows her laws. She knows what it’s about. And she fights! We need more women like her. She knows what women’s rights are all about.

Batangas, Leyte, Antipolo, Cebu and all those Anti-RH Lone Districts are the places to be.

10. Rep. Manny Pacquiao!!! Aww man. The sanctity and importance of life. Strengthened by his recent fight. Amazing.

11. Rep. Syjuco gets a special mention for reading the Creed in Congress. That was momentous.

12. Rep. Ting and being responsible parents is about character and formation. True! We need to keep at it everyday!

13. Rep. Yap of Bohol was right. This is dividing the people. We do not need this bill. Nothing in this bill is new. And everything will be split down the middle.

Heroes. There are 104 of them. And I hope to meet each one of them soon and shake their hand. I’ll even do my best to help them in their pro-life advocacies. If you are reading, give me a tweet.

God bless you all.

Keep praying for the Philippines. It’s sad, yes. But just like oppressed Christians… we end up getting stronger.

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