Our Lady of Guadalupe, in our hour of need.

Today is the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The Patroness of the Unborn, as she is believed to be pregnant as she appeared to Juan Diego in Mexico. Very fitting that today is also the day our pro-RH Bill (read: condoms, contraception, population control of the poor, less money for food and job opportunities) president and his paid-up allies (in pork barrel and international funds) ram the Bill down our throats.

They have been trying to do it for the past 15+ years (isn’t that already an indication that the Filipino people do not want this bill?), and this time, they have enough international funds to do it. They control the Congress sessions, so every complaint or amendment pro-life congressmen want to raise up is shot down via VIVA VOCE or palakasan ng boses. And according to people who have attended the sessions, no matter how loud the pro-life side is, the pro-death bill side always wins.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, guide us all to Jesus and His plan in this trying time.

I actually went to Mexico in 2000. I was in New York at the time (around May), and had a free weekend. My friend Eric, who was living in Mexico at the time, teased that I should fly down and visit him. I checked the airfare and was pretty decent. I checked the consulate, and I could apply for a visa even if I was not in my home country. And so I went.

Photo on 2012-12-12 at 08.20

It was a fun weekend! Went to the Mexico pyramids, 2

and even went camping (ok it wasn’t a tent, as the picture shows….).1

But on one day I had there, I visited the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe. It was 2000, and I believe I was having some… um… issues at that time. I went to the Basilica, prayed, looked around, even went to the back to see the exhibit. I saw the image of Our Lady. And I know she helped me with all the prayers I asked her to intercede on my behalf.

I look back and all the issues I had at that time are resolved. I am married. I have four kids! And living the life I always knew I wanted. She helps, for sure. I do look to the day when I can go back with my whole family (though that might be a long time coming considering how expensive it would be! Ha ha).

And on this day, she will help us again. She will help us either way. By strengthening our convictions or by strengthening our resolve. She is our mother, and when you go to your mother for anything, she always acts in a way that will help us become better. She has our best interests at heart.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, happy feast day 🙂

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