Aida’s Third “Emergency”

While we were out yesterday for a bunch of things to do… Aida had to be brought to the hospital again. She was at the edge of her bed, fell of it and landed on her right arm. She landed on it flat, but it was twisted in a way. She cried so much that everyone at home thought she broke it or dislocated it.

They brought her to the manghihilot (Eastern medicine rocks!), but Aida wouldn’t have her arm touched. So they brought her to the ER where Des and I met up with her. After x-rays and painkillers, she is fine. No dislocation. No fracture. No broken bones. Just a sprained arm and lots of drama.

Thank you Lord, and thank you Mama Mary for protecting her.

IMG_2466Aida in the morning. Going to school.

IMG_2471At the Emergency Room

IMG_2472Safe with Mommy. Just like us with Mama Mary.

IMG_2473Waiting for the X-Ray

IMG_2474She is an x-ray expert.

What were the first two, you ask? Here. And here.

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