CFC YFL Youth Camp for Josh


Josh, my youngest brother, went to his YFL youth camp these past two days. Time really flies! I joined a youth camp waaaaay back in 1995 when I was still in College. 17 years ago? Wow.

In my camp, it was supposed to be a “mega” camp with people coming from different schools. Unfortunately there was a big storm when it started, and only 11 of us showed up. I was the first to get there, of course [and because there’s a whole other behind the scenes story to this].

But all these years later, it is good to see my little brother going through the weekend I went through before. Some changes here and there, but the message stayed the same. I know it has changed his life. And it will be something he’ll take with him forever. It may not take effect right away, but it’ll hit him when he needs it the most.

Welcome to YFL, Josh! Now my kids can take over KFL. 🙂


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