Bloggers Unite!



It was a good Thursday for me. Even if I had 9 hours of classes for my Masters in Religious Studies during the whole day. And even if I epic-failed my quiz in the second subject [wow, 37 years old and still failing quizzes?!]. And even if we had to weave in and out of traffic to get to Shaw Blvd to make it in time (did you know swerving is not an offense in Metro Manila?). Even in spite of all that, it was a good Thursday.

Because we mounted our first FLiQ Media Blogger’s Night 🙂 It was held at Tea Talk in World Corporate Center. Here’s the set up we made (I love the staff of Tea Talk, very accommodating!):




I had my first milk tea with cheese and rock salt. I could never get my head around the idea of mixing the three together. In my mind, all you get from that combination is diarrhea. But I tried it anyway. And it was pretty good! Though I did… oops. Too much information. Here’s the Macha something something:



And we got to listen to AJ Perez of Catholic / Activist Social Media fame. He gave a lot of good points about New Media, New Evangelization, Blogging, etc etc. And the open forum was pretty informative as well. I am thankful for the chance to have had to pick his mind and ideas. As well as the people who came over.


Now… what event can we mount next? 😉

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