Of Curls and Scary Drawings

I got home early yesterday (handling a bum stomach even until now) and took a short nap. I woke up with these two drawings on my belly:

Our eldest daughter drew them. I thought they were just cute drawings, so I thought nothing of it. I even posted it on social media 🙂 But one comment from a friend made me think more of it. She said: “Does she always draw like this?”

So I researched a bit and apparently it could be a sign of anger or hate. Or maybe even something she may see. Though that blog I read was talking about teenagers drawing scary things. My daughter is only 5.

But yes, she is going through some frustrations now. She does not like her hair being curly. Her hair used to be straight, but very thin. We used a soap that made it lush, but then it became curly too. There are curls in the family (my father-in-law) but everyone else has straight hair.

She feels bad that her hair is curly. And she even wishes she didn’t use the soap. Maybe because all the dolls and cartoons and princesses have straight hair? Or maybe because we all have straight hair?

Des and I spoke to her about her drawings, but she didn’t mention anything about her hair. She actually said she sees them! Though maybe that’s a manifestation of her frustrations? If she does see them, I’d freak out! Though they are smiling…. maybe ready to eat us?

But that’s another thing we’ll get to some other time. I’ll schedule a house blessing.

Anyway, if you are reading this and have curly hair, can I ask a favor? Send me a short video of you saying hi to my daughter and how much you love your curly hair. If it’s not any trouble. Email / Facebook / Tweet me 🙂 It will be greatly appreciated. We will do our part to build up her love for her hair, and herself. As God made her, and not as other people are projecting she should look. 🙂


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