No to Manila Summit! No to RH Bill!

These people pushing condoms and contraceptives just won’t stop. They are trying with the RH Bill. Since they can’t get through that way, they are trying the back door. By doing it from the ground – up. Good news to them, we won’t stop blocking them either.

The answer to the ills of society are not condoms nor contraceptives. The answer is family. Building up the family. Promoting values and good examples. Building up self-image and self-worth.

We are not just saying “NO”. We have an alternative. We have the solution. And it is working with our families, and the families of people who have tried it. Spend time as a family. Pray! Build each other up. Strengthen relationships. And you will see better communities, and a better society.

And we can use the billions they want to pump into condoms and contraceptives into other things: like job generation and entrepreneurship promotion. That will be a better solution, don’t you think?

My five minutes of fame.

Our updated stand against the updated RH Bill.

And the ad that came out recently.

My Zumba is working. Look at that shrinking belly.

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