Comfort Zone Killers: School and Basketball.

I am 37 years old. Yes, I know I am getting older. The white hair strands are multiplying on their own. The lines on my face get deeper and darker. And the fat cells are HUNGRY for more. And lately, I have seen how much I will be getting out of my comfort zones.

I have been back in school for the past two years (since 1997 – minus one year taking my MA in Theology in LST and one semester taking Law in Ateneo law School), and this semester is a challenge. Weekly quizzes, 2 books, 23 encyclicals, regular recitation, group projects, individual projects, memorization. I did go through all this in College (and even Law School), but it is a stretch now to get my brain back in shape. Added that finding time to study is a challenge as well. I try in the office, but work gets in the way (ha ha). I try when the kids are asleep, but next thing I know I am snoring away. I try at home, but how can you say no to your daughter who approaches you and says: “Can you play with me because I am playing alone.”

No excuses though. I love the challenge. More lines on my face, more white hair and more satisfied fat cells from all the chocolate I have to eat to stay awake. Oh, and I am learning. 😉

My school table. Bible, Kindle, Notebook and Coffee (not in picture).

The clincher now, though, is my youngest daughter has developed an interest in BASKETBALL! If you know me, that is one thing I did NOT inherit from my Olympic Basketball Team Head Player grandfather, Lolo Ambrosio Padilla. She asked us to buy a ring. And so we did. And now our boy has started to play too (maybe he got the gene?). Suffice to say, I am practicing my basketball with them. That will be the day when I have to join their school league. Oh Lolo Paddy’s basketball spirit, please inspire me.

I am sharing all this not to promote myself (because I suck at basketball, and I am not the top student in school – even if I project that I am), but to tell you that it is never too late.

Never too late to work those brain cells and work them hard.

Never too late to learn a sport.

Never too late to give back to community.

Never too late to do something you thought you’d never do… especially for your children.

And as the kids grow up, I am sure I’ll be learning more things, I will be challenged to move away from more comfort zones (what if they love fish, ube and coconut??!) and I will love every minute of experiencing these things with them.

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