Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles

First let me rant about movie goers here in Manila. It’s ok to come in when the movie has started, but don’t talk to each other and decide who sits where LOUDLY. You probably already saw the scenes of the movie. Maybe you could just go in, sit down and watch. It doesn’t matter who you are beside… unless you plan to hold their hand.

And another thing, don’t answer your phone in the middle of the movie and CARRY A CONVERSATION FOR TEN MINUTES. Oh gosh. I started shouting: “Hindi mo bahay ‘to!” Didn’t work. And when he put the phone down, it rang again after 5 minutes. AND HE CONVERSED AGAIN! EVEN PASSED IT TO HIS WIFE. Oh man. I was about to throw my coffee shake. But the cup was already empty. I should have thrown the cup.

Anyway, to the movie. I came in not expecting major special effects like 300 and other movies that have used the green screen technology. And I think that mindset was good because I appreciated the leaps and bounds made by Pinoy Film with this movie. It had good effects. And knowing green screens were used, made it even better.

I liked the concept, the characters were great: Ramon Bautista was cool! Janice de Belen was funny. And the three: Dingdong Dantes, Joey Marquez and the kid were amazing as aswang killers. I just think that the aswangs should have kept their human / aswang mix-form. Instead of the dog-like creature they became. That’s when the effects started to suffer, and it was harder to focus.

I like the fact the Manang in the store beside their house was a secret aswang-killing-material-maker. And hopefully, since the title says “Chronicles” there will be a part 2. The three (Dantes, Marquez and kid) hunt down the aswang “lords”. And they have the Manang as their weapons maker / potion maker. That would be a cool movie.

Again, it could have moved faster, but it was a good movie to watch on a lazy Saturday 🙂 Kudos to Erik Matti and everyone else involved in making it. I better check on my wife and kids now. Make sure they have garlic and salt surrounding them.

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