Happy Halloween! Or better yet, Happy Costume Day!

Last Sunday we had our Young Couples Group’s “halloween” party. It was actually a family assembly, and we came in costume. I am not part of the dress up in scary costumes and pour fake blood all over myself crowd (anymore). I think that those scare children, teach them wrong things about life, and just attract evil (even subtly… and that’s scary because evil is never subtle).

It was a lot of fun! The kids enjoyed, there were lots of games, even a family activity, and lots of food and candy (even apples – healthy!). Some pictures 🙂

Ready to go! Where’s mom?

Sibling love!

Would be nicer if we had a heart around us. Like…

This! How did this get in here?!

My butterfly and my fairy. They chose their own outfits.

The BFFs. With the carrot.

My cow eating all the popcorn.

They love costumes!

Ummm…. LQ?

Our cow knocked out!

Eating healthy apples. Not even candy apples. Real apples.


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