I came across this quote upon reading the story of this mother, Barbara [she recently had a stroke, pls pray for her]:

The purpose of Christianity is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comforted. – GK Chesterton

It makes perfect sense. When you are afflicted, in pain, angry, despondent – we run to someone who can make everything alright. Or even if he doesn’t immediately make it alright, we know that he will calm us and comfort us. How many times has that happened in our lifetime? We feel terrible, turn to God, and somehow things become easier to bear – even if little by little, one step at a time.

But the opposite is true as well. And I wholeheartedly agree with it. When we get too comfortable, we need to be shaken. But does that mean that we shouldn’t be happy and content? Of course not. When we get too comfortable, sometimes we become complacent as well. Or what’s worse, we become indifferent. We are so happy with what we have, and what we can get, we forget about everything and everyone else around us.

And that is when we get a wake up call. Because, yes, we deserve to work hard and enjoy the fruits of that work. But we must never forget that whatever we get, we must also share with others. My kids are awesome examples of this. They always share with one another whatever they get. Or they always remind each other that they need to share (sure, maybe because one wants what the other has, but it is good to be reminded). And that reminds us as well.

There is much affliction all around these days. From finances to bosses to despair to annoyances. And this only reminds me to call to God for comfort. Not too make me too comfortable, but to give me the leeway and space to be able to serve others more fully.

I am praying for you, Barbara. I read your story, and your selfless love for children. I can only strive to be like you along this journey.

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