A Missionary Calling

It is such a great day for us. Pedro Calungsod is going to be canonized today.

I love the fact that he is our second Pinoy Saint (first is St. Lorenzo Ruiz), but more than that, it is because he represents us. We could actually BE him.

He was a sacristan: he served the Church. He was a catechist: a teacher / lived out the faith. He was young: 16 years old! He was a Pinoy, Catholic missionary…. wow, that’s me!

Even if there aren’t many historical items about him, nor are there many proofs of his actual existence – but his becoming a Saint shows us that we too can be saints. Because we are just like him.

Thank God for this gift of San Pedro Calungsod.


WAIT! I have to add… it is also the time of the Synod on New Evangelization. Where Bishops and lay people are gathered in the Vatican to discuss how to make the truth of the faith more real especially in today’s world of secularism.

ALSO, it is World Mission Sunday! Where we are reminded of our missionary roots. Our missionary calling. Where we are told we HAVE to go out there into the world and spread the Good News.

And all these are inter-connected, in God’s design.

We are reminded to go out into the world for mission. We are going to be given the UPDATED tools for that mission once the Synod ends. And what is that message we are to bring? Well, the truth and beauty and liveliness of Christ in our lives – as how (NOW) Saint Pedro Calungsod has done in his life.

We are to live Christ everyday. And share Christ to others – because we just cannot keep that joy and tranformative love to ourselves! No way! And when we share Christ, that gives others the opportunity to meet Christ so they too can live Him everyday.

Again, thank you for this day.

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