If you ever felt weird growing up, join FLiQ

We had our first “Creative” Assembly last Friday. I gave the orientation before the FLiQ girls went on and detailed the projects we are doing. While giving the orientation I realized that, wow, we have been blessed so much over the last 2 years since we started this. From just a website and Facebook pages in the beginning, now we are into print, internet shows, radio, campaigns, etc and etc.

And so, with just 6 of us in the team, we needed to gather more brains and brawn. And they did come 🙂

There are so many things that still need to be done, and we need to be even more open and available to what God has planned for all of us as we move along. Excited to see what’s up next for all of us. Good job, guys… I mean, girls:


And yes, if you felt weird growing up; or if you thought people didn’t understand you; or if you had ideas that other laughed at or dismissed – then we want to meet you. We want to hear your idea. Listen to your story. See your work.

This is the age of new evangelization. Doing things in a new way, yet saying the same message: the truth. And that’s what we need: New packaging of the unchangeable truth.

We want you.

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