I attended the yearly year-end recollection from Thursday to Saturday in Tagaytay with Fr. G. I got there late (very unlike me) because we still had oral exams for our Masters on Thursday. Good thing I got the 8:30AM time slot, so I was able to be in Tagaytay by lunch time. I think we missed one session.

The retreat was based on the Gospel of John, and just how it is with Fr. G, we got so much from it. I had two semesters with Fr. G last year, and we also had Bible study with him at the Home Office for a while before. And when he speaks, you learn.

Amazing how his mind works, how he can use three to four markers of different colors, and have everything in perfect order. It’s like he has it mapped out in his brain, and he just puts it out methodically. Amazing.

One main thing (out of many) struck me. The need for accountability.

We do so much, we say so many things, we post, tweet, like and all that. And we can definitely get away with things if we wanted to. But that word stuck to me like glue. ACCOUNTABILITY.

We are more than just employees. I am a missionary. And that comes with it so much. I have to believe in what i say. I have to live it out everyday. I have to be a witness to the goodness of God in my life. I cannot just do anything I want – it has to be consistent with the call I have received, and the life I am living.

Accountability. With this year of FAITH, and the 2013 CFC FFL theme of FAITH WORKS WONDERS, it will only work if we stick to His plan for us. And we LIVE IT OUT. Only then can we see the impossible be made possible. And experience miracles (or recognize them happening) everyday.

Also, I have to be more accountable to these people as well: my family. God has granted me three (4 extra-utero by March) kids and my accountability extends to them and how they live their lives as well. Help me, Lord, as I live this life you called me to live. May I be what you want me to be. Because that is all I want to be. Yours.

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