Year of Faith: 10.11.12

The Year of Faith starts today!

I am personally excited because aside from being the year of faith for the Church, it is also the theme for our community as well: FAITH WORKS WONDERS! I have experienced that in my life for the past many years. Over missions and life experiences. And even now, through the pain our family is experiencing, we are hopeful and holding on to Faith Working Wonders in our lives. It isn’t easy, but then living out your faith is never easy.

It is also the anniversary of Vatican II! And for those of us who have not lived before Vatican II, we do not know how it was like to have Latin Masses and priests not facing us and all that (though I did attend a Latin Mass last year in Detroit. Did not understand a thing). It was a wind of change in the Church and we are reaping the benefits. Though there are a lot of things still not implemented (wow, 50 years later!), just like from PCPII, there is a lot of promise.

It is also the anniversary of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Wow. How can you say you have no access to the Church and her teachings when now, it is all there. And online as well! So easy, so accessible and ready for study – if you just choose to do so.

This year of faith will be challenging, for sure. Especially at this time when faith is taken for granted. When people do not study and just believe what they are told. And when choosing what to follow is more popular than learning everything and following the faith as a whole – NOT in parts, according to what you like.

It is going to be a battle, but we are anxiously excited for it! I welcome this year of faith! Though the challenges to faith have started early, the strengthening and focusing on our faith could not have come at a better time.

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