When A Catholic University Fights Back

There was a time, not so long ago, that two Catholic Universities allowed their professors to come out with statements supporting an anti-life, anti-Catholic bill. Those professors weren’t chastised, and until today are probably mouthing off and influencing their students (subtly, of course. They’d never overtly say they support anything like that in class! Never! Only in the newspapers and on TV…. never in class).

And even more recent, a few days old, the REAL (or is it ONLY?) Catholic University came out with a statement calling out those other Catholic Universities, and much more. It came from the student paper, which makes it even more bold and fearless. Students standing up for what they believe in, and knowing that what they are saying is right and true – because they have been taught as such.

Suffice to say, there have been reactions – pro and con – and with the nasty anti-life side attacking them online, a normal person would buckle under the pressure. But they did not. And have come out with another statement.

Kudos to you UST. It does take courage to make a stand. And even if people attack it, takes even more courage to defend it. Those who are against you are noisy, but believe me, your silent supporters are numerous. We just need to take a page out of your courage book 🙂

Keep strong, UST. And tomorrow, I will be secretly rooting for you – just because of your fearlessness. Go USTe!

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