They Never Say There’d Be Nights Like This


I had a HUGE lunch today care of the parents of a co-worker of mine (thanks Tinay!). Steak, corn, salad, shake, brownie. I LOVE steak. I could eat it everyday. Though I would be dead sooner than later. But this post isn’t about that. It’s about what we talked about over lunch.

One of Des and my bestfriend-couples, Cocoi and Gay, had a looooong night. Their kids were awake until 4AM. And so they came to the lunch half-floating, a quarter awake and a quarter asleep. And I mentioned to Gay that when people talk about being parents and having kids, they don’t mention that there will be nights like that.

Des and I have had our share of those nights. When Sabine would just cry and cry for hours nonstop. Or Aida would refuse to sleep and just shout. Or Ankoi would toss and turn and run around the room, even in the dark of night. Sometimes you just think to yourself – WHAT IS GOING ON?! It’s hard enough to have one child doing that, but what if all of them… at the same time?! It seems so easy to give up and just let them run amok while you shut off and shut down.

But that’s not parenting. That’s irresponsibility. Nights like those are nights you get into the thick of being a parent. And not only being a parent, but being a husband (or a wife) as well. When you are snapping at each other, and are at wit’s end… that’s when the decision to love kicks in. Love your kids, love your wife and love yourself.

I get through those nights by just telling myself that there will always be nights like that. But that those nights will end. What’s one night of sleeplessness if you can show your child patience and love by sticking by them through thick and thin. And even if you are sleepy and zoned out all day after, it really is all worth it. Because you survived, you witnessed and you stuck together [for better or worse, right?] 😉

Yes, there will be nights like those. But it won’t be every night. And it won’t last forever. AND, even if it is so cliche, there is always light after the darkness. One tip though… don’t feed them chocolates when the sun goes down. That truly is a recipe for disaster.

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