Plans slowly coming true.

Our dreams our slowly coming true. And through no “fault” of mine. It is really the hand and intervention of God in all of this. I need to step it up to keep up with the pace.

Last Monday night we launched our own radio show! When the idea for radio came up months ago, it was just to make a show for podcasting. Record and upload. And I didn’t really push it like the other projects we were doing at the time. In my mind, if we were just going to upload it, then we can take our time. But this opportunity to actually go LIVE came up, and rocked our perspective. We had a few weeks to get it together, and then last Monday…. it’s ON AIR.

Wow. Why do I even doubt the hands of God in our lives? If your name is your mission, then why shouldn’t I dream bigger to get into all 4 major streams of media?

We have print with our STT Magazine. And internet websites, shows, social media and all that. Now, radio. Shall I even dare to start thinking up a TV Show? Why not?

Thank you, for trusting us. And for knowing we have our hearts in the right place.

You can listen to the show here.

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