Iba Naman Sana

I am taking this title from the tweet of Teddy Casino. I suppose he is talking about the current choices for the Senate come election time in 2013. From the 22 people who have signified their intent to run, this is the breakdown:

Re-electionists: 6. Legarda, Escudero, Trillanes, Honasan, Pimentel and Cayetano.

Former Senators from decades past: 5. Gordon, Magsaysay, Madrigal, Maceda and Zubiri.

If former Senators always get re-elected, then you have 11 already in the bag. Iba naman sana.

But per chance some of them lose, you have the same political names upcoming: Ejercito, Aquino, Angara, Enrile, Magsaysay and Villar. Not the former Senators, but their relatives. That’s 6 more.

And then you still have a Cojuangco, a Poe and maybe a de Venecia. Popular last names in Philippine politics as well.

Insanity happens when you do the same thing yet expect different results. Why elect the same people and expect the trend of politics and patronage to change?

Who do you have left? A Gatchalian from a flood prone area? Or the leftists, Hontiveros and Casino?

Wala na bang iba?

I am anxiously waiting the surprise candidates. And the “better choice” candidates. Those who do not campaign prematurely. Those who stick to party platforms. Even if they may not be as popular. Kayo naman sana.

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