34th CMMA Finals Night tonight!

Yes, I am excited. Yes, I am happy we got nominated. And yes, I want to win. I even made space for the trophy for when I get to borrow it from FLiQ.

Am I running headlong into feeling awful if we lose? I won’t lie, yes! I want to win. And I am sure everyone else does too. I’ll feel bad if we don’t, but I’ll get over it… someday. Ha ha.

Just like all those politicians running for elective office. Of course everyone wants to become President. Why go for elected office if you don’t secretly dream about being in the highest position in the land. So yes, again, I want to win.

Here are our competitors:

LIVE FOR YOU is up against Perry the Musicale, Umawit at Magpuri sa Panginoon and My Sweet Surrender.

STT MAGAZINE is up against Ignite, Tulay and Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno.

PEANUT BUTTER is up against Wings, All-Stars, Mustard and Jesus (how can you win against Jesus??!)

TEODORA has 4 NOMINATIONS! That’s awesome. Radio and Print Ads. šŸ™‚

Time to Google them.

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