Ambrosio and Lily Padilla. Amazing people.

Saw this in the papers early this morning:

That’s my lolo Paddy on the far left. And lola Lily on the far right. They were awesome grandparents to all of us. They loved each one of us in our own special way. They knew us by name, and what we could do. They even had little nicknames for us (hmmm maybe they didn’t know our names? Ha ha). Mine was “big eyes” and sometimes “kulog”.

I used to read documents to them. They’d ask me to stand up and just read to them on some Sundays. And that honed confidence and expressive reading in me (ha ha I had to put that in there). They were always there for us. And they always showed us what real service and love for country is. They had 10 children, and 50+ grandchildren (while they were still alive. Now that has grown even more – and with great grand-children). And even until now we all get together as a barkada, as a family.

Lolo’s slogan was “Morality in Public Life, Morality in Private Life”. And he really lived that out. I only wish politicians nowadays would look to the people who went ahead of them and learned from their example.

Thanks for the reminder today, Inquirer. And just like what my dad commented when he saw the picture, my lola is ever so glamorous even when at a rally on the streets. 😉 I miss you both. But the best compliment I can give you is to also have a solid, moral private life. And, you never know, a solid, moral public life in the future.


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