The Phantom of the Opera in Manila

Last night the family braved Metro Manila traffic to go to the Cultural Center of the Philippines to watch The Phantom of the Opera. We left early to not get stuck in traffic – which strangely has been getting worse and worse. Maybe because it is the -ber months and traffic always gets worse during Christmas time. Wait ’til December! Anyway, we hitched a ride with the parents (no way am I driving all the way there ha ha).


The last time I watched Phantom was in London many years ago. Maybe I was still about 13 then. And I fell in love with it then. I was very excited to watch it again after 20+ years. Even if we had balcony tickets, it would still be worth it (not bad, Balcony 1. Especially since any lower would cost an arm and a leg).


And the show did NOT disappoint. It started exactly at 8. Before that we were asked to turn off phones and not take pictures inside the theater. Oops. Didn’t quite follow that.

Why would anyone video or audio record it anyway? With YouTube and torrents, everything is online already.

Back to the show, it is well worth the money, time and effort. The music is beautiful. It lifts you and brings you to the Opera house, being among the people. You feel the love and pain of the Phantom. And it just speaks to your soul. I have been a fan of this musicale forever, and I am just so blessed to have been able to watch it again.

Sorry, Des, I’ll be singing Phantom tunes for a few weeks after this. 🙂 Here we are at the balcony lounge.


Side note: It is interesting to note that there are still people who dress up for shows like this. But there are many who do not anymore. It’s a cultural show. People should dress up as for a gala event. And it is good to dress up now and then. Sad to see that others just think it is the same as going to the mall or a movie. My lola would be very cross if she saw that. She liked people dressing up well for occasions. 🙂


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