My Favorite Apps

I have come back to Apple. I shifted to BlackBerry for a few years, but the call of the Apple is just too strong. And I am back. So I have been trying out new Apps that will actually help me… and Apps that I use. I used to have 7 or 8 pages of Apps. And hardly used majority of them. Here are some I have been using. If you have more to recommend, let me know! Especially if they are free.

Aside from the usual Mail and SMS, I also have WhatsApp and Viber. Same concept as Mail and SMS and even calling – but free since it is internet based. Not even only when there is WiFi, but as long as there is 3G signal (I have a data plan). And the people who get on it who are in your contacts get automatically added to the contacts in either App. They can even do group chat.

My Social Networks. Obviously, I am a bit of an addict. Thank God I am addicted to just Social Media and Survivor, and not alcohol or drugs. Though they sometimes have the same effect (or so I have been told). The usual Twitter, Facebook, LinkdIn, Pinterest and Instagram. Google+’s interface is really nice! Though not many people are on it yet. Just how Facebook was when it started. I am sure it’ll catch on. Flipboard is an App that connects some Social Media Apps. I don’t actually use it much, I just like the cool flip feature. I am still learning GetGlue which lets you check in what you are watching, reading, thinking about. I don’t think they have much Philippines stuff on there yet. Klout is a tool which measure your clout in Social Media. Just fun to see how high your score is compared to others (so competitive!).

And my favorite: FourSquare. I LOVE it. I like checking into places and becoming Mayor or opening Badges (you become Mayor when you are a regular in a place; and open Badges when you reach a certain number and kind of place). There is a cute pop-up that shows and it always gives me a boost when I get one. Ha ha is that addiction or what? I also use it as GPS. When I check out where to check in, you can see a map of what is around you. And there’s a feature that let’s you know what good spots are nearby. And what people have to say. Sometimes, when you check in at a place, you get a free gift. Like when we ate at 2nds, we got free Iced Tea 🙂

And who can leave out games? Angry Birds, Temple Run, Subway Surfer, Geo Quiz and Flow. If I had any more, I wouldn’t have any time to do anything else. As in.

Something is actually wrong with my iBreviary, still haven’t figured it out. It won’t sync. But Laudate has everything in it as well. All the prayers, all day. 🙂

Phew. I didn’t think I would take so much time. But yep, that’s what I have. Not as much as most… but enough for now.





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