Food In Mouth Disease

I have been eating like a mad man these past few days. And loving every minute of it! Of course, I am thinking of my health, and have been exercising too (P90X Cardio!). But how can you resist the temptation to eat? I tell myself that I have eaten these types of food before, and once I get healthy I can eat them again… but when you are stuck in the moment, it’s hard to say no. Kind of like sin, actually. Once you are in the moment, it is hard to get out of it. So why get into that moment in the first place? Stay away!

Good thing this is about food (though too much of it is a sin of gluttony). So here’s what we’ve (I think I count for more than one person) eating the past few days:

Stookies! We (I use the term loosely) baked them during the FLiQ Media planning at the house a couple of days ago. Look here. They are made of cookie dough (with choco chips) with an Oreo inside them! A WHOLE Oreo. When out of the oven they are nice and soft. But lo and behold, they are equally as yummy when crunchy and cool. Who knows what else you can squeeze in there! A pineapple, maybe?

Sunrise Buckets! Des and I went over to Ortigas Avenue to have some buffalo wings. I just actually have a love for buffalo wings – especially lately. Maybe I am also having pregnancy cravings? Even if Des isn’t having any? The spicy wings are good with java rice and ginger ale. Quite expensive for a pound of wings – which translates to about 3 or 4 whole wings. I can eat here once in a while, but would rather have home cooked ones… especially for that price.

Mochi! Worth the trip to New Manila. We went to Desato for these Mochi balls. I like the chocolate, or the caramel / coffee ice cream filled ones. When you buy them they are a bit frozen, so Des like to thaw them a bit. I just bite in and get that cold stingy rush. If you let them thaw too much, the ice cream melts out of the puto-like covering. I wonder if they deliver to Antipolo?

Nothing beats home-made ensaymada! Especially if it wasn’t made in my home. Thank you tita Edna for the delicious ensaymada. Made a side trip passing Podium while going to the office to pick up those yummy three pieces. I ate one right away, and good thing, because the other two were snatched up by other people. If you ask me, she should open an online order bakery.

And the best kept secret in Starmall! People’s Cafe! We started looking for better places to go online because the internet at our home office, well, sucks. So this was a default place with fast and fierce wifi. Then we started trying the drinks. Which were yummy. And I think they have a lot of coffee concoctions in them because they have quite a KICK. And one day, we tried the food. And they were YUM too. I especially love the cheese ravioli. Amazing what you can find in a corner under the stairs. Even in your home. That’s where all the good stuff is hidden.

Can’t wait for more foodie discoveries.

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