Social Media Planning and Baking Stookies

Who says the two don’t go hand in hand?

Our FLiQ Media team came to the house so we can do our social media calendar for the next few weeks. Wow. So much to do! Even with a lean team of 6, we will probably need more people soon.

The picture was taken before the actual meeting, with all the laptops open and snacks ready, and no picture after the meeting. Because you’ll know what stressed looks like. We love our job, of course. But when we sit and brainstorm, more and more ideas come out…. sometimes I think, why even brainstorm? We’ll just end up with more work and more stress. But all for the Lord, right? So bring it on!

The kids wanted us to finish our meeting right away because they will be baking stookies (I have no idea what they are, but look at this). And since the picture looks SO GOOD, we ended the meeting after a couple of hours. Now, they are baking.

Can’t wait to eat.

Oh and work on what we planned, too.



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