Sister Pilar Verzosa, RGS

Such sad news today. Sister Pilar Verzosa passed away. Sister Pilar is the founder of Pro-Life Philippines, and she was really one of the first people in the Philippines to fight for life. She has been doing it for almost 40 years! Even when no one knew what being pro-life meant, she was there.

I got involved with Pro-Life Philippines, and so Sr. Pilar, in 2009 when I was elected into the Board of Trustees for a term of two years. I eventually became the Secretary, and I volunteered to help the Pro-Life Youth program. Meetings with Sr. Pilar were always fun and exciting. She was a firebrand! So passionate in her views. So opinionated. But always saying things that were right, and needed to be heard.

In 2011, I was re-elected to another term of two years, but this time I had less involvement as my other responsibilities were also growing in other areas.

I already miss Sr. Pilar. There are other solid, fearless, outspoken pro-lifers out there… but none are like her. Praying for you Sister. And I am sure you are up there making sure your advocacies continue and are continuously blessed and prosperous.

(taken in 2009 when I first entered the Pro-Life Board. me, Sr. Pilar and Abp. Aniceto)


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  1. Sister Pilar’s fight for life is not over. It is, in fact, a beginning of a triumphant fight through her intercession.

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