Unconventional Describes this Day

Des got Sabine’s first report card today. She was even able to speak to her teacher one-on-one. One word that stuck out, for me, was Sabine was called “unconventional” by her teacher. She speaks her mind, she is highly creative, she is curious, and she’s a genius like her father. I like that. Unconventional. I think I’ll use that on Twitter.

I wasn’t able to go with Des because of something unconventional as well. I attended the BUHAY National Convention in Manila!

The place was PACKED! Even outside. Of course, I thought we should be wearing green… though most of the people were in red.


I ended up sitting on stage with the incumbent Congressmen Velarde and Tieng. And with my idol Lito Atienza. Co-nominees and other heads of BUHAY. It was so unconventional for me. I get to sit on stage. And even speak, but during conferences and community events. So this was …. different. Though not too much. It was just a change in mindset.

Mid-way through the program, tito Lito taps me on the shoulder and says I should say a few words. I know, I know, I should have expected it. But still, I got nervous. Especially with that spotlight on my face.


I was able to speak, and I hope my nervousness didn’t show that much. Mixed in faith, family and life, of course. With a sprinkling of politics. Was that the start of my political career? Or the end? Ha ha. Would my lolo be proud? Everyone else had a chance to speak too. So that calmed me down a few.

(I am being told to look out for more events like this. of course I took a picture. ha ha)


At the end of the whole program, my dream finally came true. We all took each others’ hands. Raised them up. And then, the jingle played. And we started waving and jumping up and down. I never thought that would happen to me. And it did. Very unconventional. But it was… fun 🙂

(picture of the screen showing me on stage. no picture of my dancing moment)

It was a fun morning! Unconventional, yes. But definitely fun. Thanks for this and looking forward to more of this once we start going around! Des, please tutor me in Tagalog.



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