Incredible // Dallas

It was a full day! I didn’t expect to have such a full day, especially since I just arrived last night, but it was a great blessing to be able to go to the places I went to today.

We went to a funeral service of a family friend of the Abalos family (where I am staying). He was 35 years old when he passed. And with a son. Such a sad event, but his life was being celebrated by those who loved him and those whose lives he touched. And it is also a reminder of where we are all going in the end. Where we should be excited to go, and so we live our lives to be ready and able to enter Heaven 🙂

After that we headed on out to the Matrimonios para Cristo CLS. It was in this huge church – St. Anne. The church itself was huge, but it had a whole mall-type structure beside it for conference rooms, etc. Wow. It’s the 5th biggest church (in terms of population) in the whole USA.

It was talk 1, and there were so many participants! More than 60. And everything was done in Spanish. During the song above, I just felt so loved. Like my soul was shining. And that everything was alright. I had no idea what it meant, but tears were welling up in my eyes. I had to ask someone (over Twitter) what it meant. Here it is: “move in me,touch my mind & my heart,fill my life w/ur love. move in me,Holy spirit move in me. *quedate – means remain in me.”

The Holy Spirit doesn’t need language to touch your heart. He just needs your heart 🙂

And after that we went to a birthday party! One of the YFL members here. I of course crashed the party. And came in time for this:

Aldrin, the celebrant, gathered all his guests. And to celebrate his birthday, he led everyone into worship. That was just… wow. AWESOME. I have never thought of doing that. But after tonight, I think everyone should do it. What better way to give thanks for life but to thank the one who gave you life.

So today, I celebrated a life lived, new lives in Christ and life! It’s all grace. Thank God 🙂


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