I finally got here after such a long trip! I can never get used to these long trips. And it is harder to sit through it. I was always thirsty, and so I was always having to go to the toilet. And my seatmate smelled of smoke. I watched about 5 movies, so after 20+ hours of traveling, I arrived in Dallas.

And it is hot.

Sarah picked me up and we went straight to the Household meeting of SFL here. This was about 7:30PM with the sun shining bright in the sky. As if my jet lag wasn’t bad enough. I had fun in the Household. I gave the session on Choices that Kill Community from the CFC FFL Year Topcis. And I DID learn a lot from their sharings. Always good to be able to attend Household. Even if in a different area.

One mentioned about the weather being a sign (even in the US!), and maybe it really is. Not Global Warming, but God’s Warning.

I miss my family. I missed my daughters’ family fellowship (it was moved from last weekend to today). I hope I don’t miss any more of those in the future. Time to get some shut-eye. 🙂


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