What Now? What Next?

This was an interesting afternoon. The heavens knew something was up, and they’ve been pouring their guts out ever since. Des was down with the flu (and still is), and the kids and I all have runny noses. Our flu shots have worn out. And to top all that, I got news that the Congressmen were moving up their vote to today regarding ending the RH Bill debates.

While watching the proceedings on Twitter (isn’t that awesome that you don’t need to turn on the TV to know what’s going on in the world?), we got to play with the kids, eat with them, give them baths, and stop a few fights. By the time all the railroading was done, the kids were ready for bed. So we tucked them in, said our prayers, told them they will be safe even with the torrential rain, and waited for them to sleep.

So what now? What next?

It is easy for me to say, well, my family is ok. My relationship with Des is awesome. We have a great relationship, we fight, we make up, we argue – but everything based on love and mutual respect. We don’t follow any natural family planning method – because we are open to life, we have no impediments to accept the blessings of children – and nature has spaced our children perfectly > every two years. We are going to have our fourth child next year. 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2013. Are we open to more? Of course we are.

Our relationship with our kids is awesome. We are involved in their lives. We don’t just manage them, we live with them. I drop them off at school and pick them up. We help them with homework and projects. They ask us questions about being Catholic (from seeing the Stations of the Cross in Church) to difference in sexes (when they walk in on me peeing standing up) to Lady Gaga. We know WHO they are, HOW they are in certain situations and WHAT they are ready to learn and WHEN to learn it (we also know WHERE they are, of course).

So I could say, there it goes. It’s done. I’ll build up my family the Catholic way, and “bahala na” the rest of the Philippines being dumped with condoms and pills, inappropriate sex education, and all those other evils.

But that can’t be the way. We were taught in school that no man is an island (Fr. B. should re-learn that! And maybe he should re-read Humanae Vitae too) and the realities and decisions of other people will eventually affect us. It will affect us when people misinterpret what the Pope said about condoms (read this, very good). And it will affect us that people are denying to the stars that the RH Bill will not lead to abortion (read this too, very good). And it will definitely affect us when all this money for the RH Bill doesn’t go where the RH Bill says it should go – it will go where all the money allocated to all those other bills go – big houses, designer bags, huge cars, bodyguards, plastic-laced bodies and fat-filled bellies.

So what now? What next?

We keep fighting. I fight for my family. And that’s the best reason to keep on doing what I a doing. When I decided to become a missionary 15 years ago, the call to me was simple. To spread God’s love around the world as fast as I can. And even if the world has become complicated, the message is still simple. People are hungry for love. God’s love.

That hunger lets them look for it in different ways – promiscuity, vulgarity, being mean, becoming mistresses, cheating on each other, throwing up after eating, feeling insecure, putting plastic in their faces and jellies in their bodies. Those are all manifestations of a HUNGER for love. And if you look to satisfy that love in people, pleasure or products… it will never get satisfied.

It will only get satisfied when you know God loves you. And you feel it everyday. And because of that, you live out that “loved feeling” everyday. Remember that day when the person who you loved said he/she loved you too? Well, with God, you can feel that way all day. Everyday. For the rest of your life.

And that’s why I will keep fighting. Because people don’t know that. Or haven’t felt it. And they are missing out on such an amazing experience of life. I am doing it for them, as I am doing it for my family. This is not the end. This is not even a bump. This is the world getting more complicated and confused – but the beauty of all that is the answer is so simple…

God loves you. With an everlasting and unconditional love.


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  1. Looks like we are losing the fight xavy… What is important is that we fought for what we believed in… In god’s time our cause will be justified… And as for our kids, I guess we just ought to go against the crowd… With gods grace, I know we’ll be well.

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