Yesterday was an awesome experience! Rallying at EDSA again! I was there when I was 11, then again at 26. Now at 37, I was back!

We are fighting for life! And fighting for the honesty, truth and justice. But those are all big words. I am fighting for my children. This world will become a better place for them. And I have to make sure that happens.

Not a world full of condoms, pills, free sex, promiscuity, abortion. But a world where they are respected. And they are loved for who they are – daughters of God. Catholics. And honest and true.

40,000 people showed up. And even if it was raining all afternoon – except for that one hour where it was hot and humid – everyone stayed. 40,000 people. In the rain. Through the flood. For more than 8 hours. Joyful, happy and excited to be there.

I doubt any other side can do that.

Thank you for the opportunity to fight for my children’s future. This RH Bill should not pass. But if it does, then you will have people who are going to fight even harder. And that is scarier. 😉 Because we are fighting for our children. And we will do anything for them.

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