Dad and Daughters Days Out

I went with my two girls to the beach for 4 days. Yes, there was Typhoon Gener ramming Manila, but in the Visayas all we had were the normal Habagat winds and the occasional rain. Didn’t stop the girls from swimming and all of us getting sunburned!

Des and our boy stayed home. And that’s another story ๐Ÿ™‚

But the three of us stayed in our own room. I had them give themselves baths. Feed themselves (to a point). Choose their own clothes. And have them take care of each other with me just looking on.

It felt awesome to bond with them. To hear them talk and play. To answer all their questions about the differences of boys and girls. To see what they think about prayer. And it dawned on me, Des and I are the doorways to their information and growth.

WE know when they will be ready for certain realities of the world. WE know how mature they are to learn about what the secular world is spitting out. Not the government. Definitely not these pro-RH name-callers.

And they give me renewed vigor for the fight. I have 4 kids (one still in utero), and I will NOT let the government dictate what and when they will learn about sex. I will teach my kids that. Because I know when they will be ready, and I will be able to teach them the values and morals that come with sex and sexuality.

We got back home and the family is complete again ๐Ÿ™‚ And it feels even better.

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