A Suggestion for the Nacionalista Party for 2013

I was a die-hard Nacionalista Party supporter last 2010 elections. See two of my blog posts about it here and here. And with the 2013 elections just around the corner, I am looking at what the party will be doing next. I was optimistic when the news came out that they would be with Binay’s powerhouse, but when the news changed… well, I am disillusioned. They are partnering with the Liberal Party? Really?

I wonder why they forgot how the LP crucified them last 2010. I doubt they forgot because Manny Villar still mentioned that during his speech when he voted to oust Chief Justice Corona. Why the change of heart after a few weeks? Maybe they don’t want to align with Erap, who, if he didn’t join the Presidential race last 2010, would have given Villar a better chance at winning (or maybe not). And now with Jamby Madrigal possibly joining the LP, they’ll be with their arch-enemy? What?!

But why choose to align with either of them? Why not go your own way?

DO NOT align with LP nor with UNA.

You can go at it as a Nacionalista Party. You just need to do things differently. How?

1. Promote your party IDEOLOGY. Enough of personalities. Push what NP stands for. What NP will fight for. Show that your members are loyal, and really want what is best for the country.

2. Engage the youth through SOCIAL MEDIA. Everyone knows this. But it would be better if all your candidates were interacting with people. Not your candidates secretaries, but your candidates themselves. And answer all the questions posed to you. No restrictions. EASY, FREE and REAL access.

3. Pick the right PEOPLE. Fine you have Cynthia Villar, (what is his first name?) Trillanes, Alan Peter Cayetano (though if you drop him that won’t be too bad) and Ace Barbers. But you can try to have a half slate of 6 or even a full slate of 12. How?

By choosing GAME CHANGERS. Don’t choose the traditional politicians or people who don’t have the best interests of the country at heart. Go and choose people who want to REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Choose them from around the Philippines. Not just Metro Manilans.

People will rally around you when you show them that you are the party that is different, will make a difference and will be true and real. Sure we’ve had those before – like Reporma, etc, etc. But NP has something they don’t have: resources, connections and people on the ground across the nation.

You may ask, but didn’t they try that last 2010? Yes, but the nation was too engrossed with the Presidency and with Cory, that the Senatorial elections took a back seat. Now, it is front and center.

Let’s not give in to the usual scenario. It’s been like that every 3 years. We elect the same people. The same names. To the point we have mother-son, father-son, siblings… all in the same place. How can that be real representation when they all come from the same family?


Well, let’s see how this will unfold. We can hope. 🙂

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