You are number 4.

Yes, we are pregnant!

I can’t say it was a surprise, because Des is very regular. But we can’t say it was planned either. I guess it is God’s surprise plan for us 🙂 No matter how much you try, we are all co-creators with God. So it is His plan, definitely.

We will be getting an ultrasound and a check up soon to really confirm it (are we still in denial?), but those two lines look really dark to me, so we can announce it.

Are we happy? YES! Baby 4 will be born when Sabine will be turning 6, Aida 4, and Franko 2. I think that’s awesome spacing and “non”-planning.

Are we concerned? Yes, too. Des delivers via C-Section, and though her scars are healing nicely, we may face complications along the way. Help pray for us. And maybe after this one, we really need to take a loooong break (not yet stop?).

Are we ready? When will you ever be ready? Every child is special, and different. So no matter how much you prepare, you’ll be surprised and shocked at how they are. We are blessed to have a nice home, a supportive extended family, good jobs and loving children. So yes, we can do this!

So again, please keep praying for us! And when you see two sleep-deprived, harassed and at-the-end-of-their wits parents… well, they aren’t us 🙂

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  1. Hi xavy and des! Its going to be okay ! Ganyan din kami before. Every 2 yrs for the first 3 kids then 3 yrs for the last. We realized the spacing was perfect only when they got older. It was through their stories telling us that it was good that they were 4 instead of just being an only child or their age gaps were wide because their friends were telling them that it was lonely. Ang saya ngayon kasi parang magkakabarkada silang 4. They always go out together. Family road trips are times that you really look forward to. So trust in Him fully for He knows what is best! We will be praying with and for you all the way!

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