Miracles STILL Happen

I posted this everywhere today:

Back from two conferences in Laguna and Batangas. Many things re-affirmed: The CLS, Households and CFC FFL are all life-changing. And because of that I will strive to be a better HH member and leader. Starting now. Miracles still do happen, and they happen as long as we are faithful.

Des and I were blessed to be asked to give talk 3 of the Alive in Christ conference in both the Laguna and Batangas echo conferences. It is a talk-show type of talk, so that was good that it gave Des and me a chance to deliver it together. Reminiscent of our talk at the International Youth Forum at the Vatican last 2010.

It was also a good time with our family. We brought our three kids and two helpers for a weekend trip – and time to relax and bond as well. Especially with the many changes coming in the horizon. It was also a plus that our good friends – the Tesoros – were with us the whole time. It’s special when you have great friends, and your kids are also as great friends as you. That’s one blessing of community.

We gave the talk CHOOSE LIFE, CHOOSE GOD. And with the talk, there were sharers. And those sharers really touched me. Deeply.

In Laguna we had one sharer that regularly spoke to God – and God always answered him. In terms of life decisions and electoral results. How he continued to serve and chose to serve even amidst busy-ness and doubts from people around him. And how even losing his home to a fire did not stop him from serving.

And another one – whoa – who chose to serve even amidst illnesses and emergencies in his family. From his father, to his wife, to his child. Always choosing to serve and honor his commitments in spite of health oppressions. It may be radical to agree with him, but I do. When you make a commitment to serve, I believe God will honor that commitment. There will definitely be oppressions and obstacles along the way, and maybe those are just put there to test your commitment – to still go even when it is not easy.

After I heard that sharing, I made a promise to myself to be a better household member. And to be a better community member. I have this habit of trying to wiggle my way out of speaking assignments – I really have stage fright – but after hearing his sharing… what right to I have to say NO? God has given me so much. All I need to do is show up at household every week and meet good friends there. Why complain?

Batangas brought even more miracles. Our first sharer was a tita from Antipolo who shared that the CLS transformed her husband from GOON to GOOD. But after that happened, he got sick and passed away after a few months. From GOON to GOOD to GOD. But she never doubted. And she never looked away from the community all throughout. And neither did her husband. Even when extremely sick, he would encourage her to go to household – so the people can pray as a community.

And the last one was a man who struggled through his early life, but persevered. Got his siblings through school. Got married. Had ten children. And all of them finished college. Even without him being an executive or him having an extremely rich family name. Wow.

Really? How can I not believe? The CLS. The household. Our community. We see miracles happen everyday! And miracles continue to happen. We cannot let up. We cannot be lazy. We cannot be complacent. There is still more to be done.

Thank you for this weekend. And thank you that I spent it with people dear to my heart – my family, my friends and my community.

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