The Amazing Spider-Man is a Nerd’s Dream

I just watched the newest installment of the Spider Man movie franchise. Well, more of a re-boot. And I loved it. Why?

Because Peter Parker is a teenager and acts like it. He is awkward, he is learning about himself and he just moves like one. Either Andrew Garfield is a teenager, remembers how it is to be one or is a very good actor. Or maybe all three.

Because it is human. A lot of times it focused on the dynamics of human relationships. And how the powers they got affected their real lives. You would tend to believe that it could really happen, and that those effects could actually occur if you got bitten by a radioactive spider or injected with a lizard-like serum.

And because it is inspiring. How people helped. Or how people reacted. Or just how the goodness in people comes out. It was an affirmation of our good, especially at the time when good doesn’t seem to be normal anymore.

I loved it. I think Andrew is the perfect fit for Spider-Man, especially at this point – in school, learning his power and what responsibilities that come with it.

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