31 and Loving It

For the past few weeks we have been celebrating the 31st anniversary of CFC FFL. As with yearly anniversaries of the community, there are always so many things to look forward to. People from around the Philippines and around the world coming in. Activities, sports, conferences, meetings.

This year my parents hosted tito Tony Correia of India. And we hosted Ray and Mary Grace Pingoy of the USA (with their sons). It was a blessing for us to have them in our home. Tito Tony is brilliant. He never ceases to amaze me with his knowledge and his passion. And he is fearless! What a great man. And the Pingoys have been our best friends ever since we were all still young, single and not knowing what we were doing.

And that’s what these celebrations are all about. Re-establishing ties. Strengthening friendship. And giving thanks for the opportunity to have made these ties and friendships in the first place. I am grateful.

The last of our activities ended yesterday. And people have started to go home, undoubtedly refreshed and excited for the year that is to come. And from what I gather – it will be one heck of a year 😉

Happy anniversary CFC FFL! We have been through so much, and it has made us the better for it.

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