Warning to Parents.

Yesterday, my family and I went to Greenhills for dinner to celebrate my birthday. We ate in Sugi. All the kids were there (6 of them – my kids and my sister’s kids combined). And so the yayas came as well. The yayas decided to eat in McDonald’s Greenhills (across Krispy Kreme), and since my youngest – Franko – was complaining about being confined in Sugi, he went with the 4 yayas to McDonald’s.

While they were eating there, 2 Chinese men – in their late fifties – approached them and asked them who they were, who they were working for, and started touching Franko! They asked where his parents were, and started saying that “may pilay siya”. They kept holding his hand. And then 2 other girls approached them and started badgering the yayas.

At that point, the yayas – thank God for presence of mind – got up and left. And went straight to us at Sugi. By the time we checked out the place, they were gone.

It may not have been anything… a lot of people go up to Franko all the time, but then again it MAY have been a ploy, and the yayas just had the smarts to leave right away. I may be paranoid – especially after reading all those kidnappings and almost-kidnappings – on the internet, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

So, parents, always know where your children are. While you are in the mall, at the grocery. Don’t just let them run off with no one following. And always brief and train your yayas if and when occurrences like this happen. We train our kids as well. If you ask Aida what she would do if a stranger grabbed her, she would reply: “Cry, scream, kick, bite and scratch”. Good girl.

Thank God for keeping them safe.


  1. Homaygash! Just read this, katakot naman! I wrote a post din two weeks back, I think, about keeping our kids safe in public places! Natakot din ako sa kidnapping incidents lately! Praise GOD Franko (and yayas!) are safe! Keep safe and God bless!

  2. What? You let you child go with yaya outside of where you eat? That’s not being careful and not advisable. Sorry, but lets not rely on yayas while we dine and socialize. Keep safe. Let’s keep an eye on our kids all the time.

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