Sabine says the wildest things sometimes. So I am compiling the posts I put on Facebook.

Me, at a restaurant: “Boss, pahingi ng tubig.”
Sabine: “Is he your boss?”
Me: “No, he isn’t.”
Sabine: “Who’s boss is he?”
Me: “……”
Sabine: “Who’s boss is he?”
Me: “Ok he’s my boss.”


Me to Sabine: “Bean, we are going to cut the cable.”
Sabine: “Why? Who told you that?”
Me: “Huh? Me.”
Sabine: “No, who told you that?”
Me: “God.”
Sabine: “Well God listens to children and not to parents.”



Bean saw a shadow. She said: “what’s that?”
Des: maybe it’s a shadow.
Bean: maybe it’s a ghost. Maybe it’s Michael Jackson.


Sabine: Daddy, tell me or I wont give you your iPhone (she was asking what I was doing).
Me: Mom doesn’t want to give me an iPhone.
Sabine to Des: Why don’t you want to give daddy an iPhone?
Des: I told daddy to wait until September for the new iPhone.
Sabine to me: Daddy, mom said you have to lose weight.Ha ha that’s how fights start.


Des and the kids were supposed to make a cake, but Des fell asleep.


Sabine to me: “Daddy, can you make a cake with me?”

Me: “No, I don’t know how.”

Sabine: “Then what do you know how to do?”


….. umm… Pray?



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