Kenny Rogers, shame on you.

I came across this HUGE billboard along EDSA. I know they want to sell chicken, but do you have to use sexual innuendos? And sexual innuendos that promote immorality (wait, is there any other kind though?).

It doesn’t sit well with their whole healthy lifestyle image. There are better ways to sell sauce. I am disappointed. And sticking to Kentucky Fried Chicken. At least there they keep their clothes on.

This kind of advertising reeks familiarity of another ad that came out a few years ago:

Same concept, different day.


  1. Wow it was not only me who noticed that chicken-s-it ad. I thought that the innuendo was uncalled for. I think you should call the attention of the franchise here and tell them how stupid they are considering that their biggest customers are families. Good work!

  2. Someone should bring this to their attention. Shame on the ad agency people responsible for this. This is so utterly lacking in decency, class, originality, creativity.

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